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Quality Process Optimization Services

Feeling the strains of siloed teams, sluggish development speeds, and costly reworks?

LyonQA is dedicated to fine-tuning your software processes to embrace the potential within your team.

Our Quality Process Optimization services are tailor-made to fit your organization's unique needs. We'll analyze your existing processes, uncover strengths, and address weaknesses. With a collaborative change management strategy, we'll implement optimized processes that harness seamless collaboration and drive efficiency.

At LyonQA, we're passionate about empowering organizations like yours to develop high-quality software with ease and confidence. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to more effective development practices.

Our Methodology:

1. Discovery Analysis: Understanding Your Organization's Landscape 

We kick off the process by exploring your organization's internal operations:

  • Engaging in candid conversations with stakeholders and team members

  • Assessing current processes through documentation reviews and meeting audits

  • Pinpointing your organization's core strengths and areas for improvement

3. Process Definition: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs 

Building on our findings and your input, we design and refine process documentation that aligns with your organization's specific goals and needs.

5. Implementation Review: Sustaining Momentum 

We host regular check-ins with stakeholders to review progress and address concerns. These check-ins enable us to assess new processes' effectiveness, facilitating trust, commitment, and continuous improvement within your organization.

2. Strategy Review: Creating a Path Forward 

Together with you and your team, we evaluate the results of our Discovery Analysis and our proposed strategic plan. Defining next steps and implementation timeline.

4. Implementation: Bringing Strategy to Life

We work with your team to implement the strategic plan. Recognizing that change and adaptation takes time we insure regular check in’s with the team to asses buy in.

6. Handoff

A final meeting is held to hand off the implementation success packet and review the change process. Included in the implementation success packet are the objectives of our partnership, timeline of milestones completed, successes that we’ve celebrated, how to maintain the changes, and recommendations for future success.

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