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  • Cotopaxi Lyon

Starting Fresh

Why did I start a Quality Assurance business?

Several reasons, of course, but primarily due to the belief that if one is to espouse quality, one must center quality as an organization to thus model what quality looks like.

All too often businesses are focused on growth at the expense of quality. We believe that good enough is ok for now, oftentimes telling ourselves "we'll hone in on quality when we have more time/resources/etc."

With this, we continuously kick the can down the road. Creating tech and organizational debt. By doing so, we create organizations that slowly burn our humans out. We ask our teams to go above and beyond, to be change makers, and yet we do not give them the resources to do so. We see vibrant new employees enter driven to create change and be the best, slowly quiet. They turn their focus internally, on what they can control. I believe we can change this dynamic. I believe that centering quality creates engaged organizations that are excited to excel. Excited to share their expertise and passion with the world. I am choosing to walk away from the old norms of growth above all else. I am choosing to focus on quality and human engagement.

I am choosing to lead by example to show organizations, and individuals, that there is another way. We all deserve this better way.

Here at Lyon Quality Assurance, we practice what we preach. We bring our quality-focused experience and knowledge to your door to help you reach your next step. I invite you to join me and my team on this journey!

As always, Cotopaxi


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