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Our Story

LyonQA was founded on the principle that "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast."

In today's tech landscape, urgency often dominates our work. We find ourselves racing to deploy new features, scale rapidly, and onboard swiftly. This rush leads us to cut corners, settling for "good enough" under tight constraints. The relentless pursuit of speed and growth results in errors, inflated costs, burnout, and diminished quality.

At LyonQA, we challenge this culture of urgency. We believe that by slowing down, we can help you achieve smoother, more efficient processes, ultimately leading to faster progress in the long run.
After experiencing the pitfalls of prioritizing growth over stability and quality during four years at a QA startup, our CEO, Cotopaxi, made the bold decision to establish Lyon QA. By embracing the philosophy of "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast," she leads our team in providing the highest caliber Quality Assurance services. Our goal is to help you and your team reimagine software development quality.

Get to Know Us

LyonQA is made up of a team of dynamic, incredibly nerdy, driven women. 

LyonQA was founded on the belief that modeling quality is as important as delivering quality. As such, we look inward to define what quality can look like, to then share with you and your team. 

Our team comes from a background in quality testing, communication, and relationship development. Not only do we do the best testing, but we also build the best relationship with you and your team. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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